Basic Features

  • Unlimited Email.

    • You get any number of email addresses for your domain (e.g.  For examples, you could have a separate email address for Joe, Amy, Sales, Info, and so on.  I’ll help you configure your cell phone, tablet, or computers to use these email addresses.
  • Professional Photography.

    • I will go to your work site to get any number of pictures as needed for your website.  I have professional equipment that delivers superior results beyond what can be done with cell phones.
  • Graphic Arts.

    • There’s many things to consider when designing a website:
      • Color palette.
      • Font.
      • Motif.
    • I’ve had considerable experience using art skills in a business environment.  This type of art is termed industrial art because it serves a commercial purpose such as providing information or selling a product.  Regular artists may create lovely artwork but it’s not typically suitable for a commercial environment.  Customers are often left wondering what the message was!  When I do industrial art, the artwork is centered only on the message.
  • Software Engineering.

    • Writing software is hard.  Websites have different layers requiring increasing levels of expertise.  Most freelancers are artists who have become web designers.  They don’t have the deep skills needed to truly do professional work.  I’ve been writing software in various languages since I was 15 years old.  I have several advanced degrees in engineering and information systems, not to mention decades of self-taught expertise.  At some point, this expertise is necessary to expand the role of your website.
  • Technical Writing.

    • I’ll work with you to write effective language for your website.
    • Narratives are best done at two levels of detail.
      • Quick Read level.
      • Detail level.

The Freelancer Advantage

I am a freelancer / consultant.  I don’t work for a large, overpriced firm.  Large organizations bring a lot of bureaucracy and cost.  Everything takes longer for them.  Large firms work well if you have million dollar budgets.  Otherwise, they are not well suited to help the small business.  I’m a small business and I work hard to see other small businesses succeed.

Personalized Care

I don’t keep office hours.  You can contact me whenever you want.  I’ll meet with you whenever you want.  I work all hours and I’m not constrained like most people.  I also give you my personal contact information so you can always talk to me directly.

Doing What’s Right

I’m not a salesman.  I don’t get satisfaction out of making a sale at any cost.  It makes me happy to see you succeed.  I’ll always tell you the truth in the most accurate way possible – good or bad.


Since I don’t keep office hours, I’m always a phone call, text, or email away.  I’m your local expert and I bend over backwards to keep myself responsive to your needs.  If you decide you want to do something with your business tomorrow (e.g. a last minute sale), I’ll make sure your website is ready for it.

Website Companies I Saw On TV

You probably have seen many commercials on TV endorsed by race car drivers or other celebrities.  These services aren’t bad… they certainly fill a niche.  However, they are extremely limiting.  They are essentially templates so that anyone can quickly throw up a static website.  Don’t expect it to grow with your needs or to be equal to a semi-professional or professional product.

  • You will still have to take time to make the site yourself.  They
  • Unless you are trained in graphic design, the end product may not be visually appealing to customers.
  • Prices are high for what you get.
  • If you call asking for help, they will only help you on the narrow services they offer.  Get used to hearing “sorry, we don’t support that”.
  • They won’t grow with you.  If you want to hire a professional to add some more capability to the website, those professionals will not work on TV website systems because they are too limited.

If you desire to use these hosting services, I certainly can help you out but at some point we will need to migrate away from them due to their technical limitations.